About Us

Company Overview

At Upgrades Construction we help people increase the value of their homes by adding new improvements. Upgrades specializes in Arbors, patios, decks and gazebos.

Tom Whiteside is the owner and main contractor for Upgrades Construction. Tom will not only meet you in person to bid on the project, he will also manage the product throughout the job. This ensures none of your ideas or details will be lost along the way. We are so confident in the quality of work we do that we proudly offer references for any project.

The goals of Upgrades Construction is to deliver a custom product to the customer that is high in quality and also cost effective. We keep our organization small so all projects get 100% attention and there is little if no administrative overhead. This methodology gives you the consumer the best product for the best price.

Company Background

Upgrades Construction has been in business in the Dallas area since 1996. Tom Whiteside the founder of Upgrades still runs the operation just as he has from the beginning.